Creation and Implementation of the Corporate University!

Corporate University

The proposal of GOALMANAGE, as its core business, is the creation and implementation of a CORPORATE UNIVERSITY - in a football club. This concept, already explored in leading worldwide organizations, has been fully adapted to be used in highly competitive scenarios, where knowledge and passion are key to achieving good results on and off the field.

As the main goal is to improve people’s development, the Corporate University is created according to the club’s needs and strategy, improving its performance, creating a culture of excellence in management, increasing the skills of current and future employees and adding an environment of constant innovation and improvements.

It is developed in full integration with all the club's current projects and work processes, as well as crating an environment where cutting-edge technology is an important tool for fast decision-making.

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More Solutions

With our vast experience in the field of Sports Marketing and Communication (Media), we are also prepared to offer our clients:

  • Marketing Management Planning & Communication;
  • Acquisition new Sponsorships;
  • Projects for Sponsors.

We have intelligence technology that enables us to measure the obtained results and allows us to understand the needs and interests of all those who are connected to the club much better, especially its members and supporters.

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